Luxury Jewelry Care

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  • The Jewelry Wash named Oprah's Favorite Things
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    No need to take your jewelry off or soak it in chemicals, meet the first ever hand soap that cleans your jewelry every time you wash your hands!


  • The same formula as our iconic Radiance Wash in a single use wipe, making it quick and easy to shine on-the-go. This travel-friendly luxury jewelry wipe delivers the "wow factor” when you need a quick fix to restore your sparkle and shine. (10 individually packaged wipes per box)


  • Called the magic eraser for tarnish by our customers. This delicate jewelry polisher is the ultimate solution to tarnished or dull jewelry, especially sterling silver and gold. By simply rubbing the Pom on your jewelry, you can easily remove tarnish, buff, and polish metal so that it shines like new.