How to Order from an Online Registry

Are you a loved one trying to purchase from an online registry? Here are some tips on how to make your purchase!

1. Find the Registry you are looking for

  • Were you provided a link to the registry? If the registrant shared information about their registry, they likely provided a specific link to their registry. Check the email, text message or website that has the registry details for the specific link.
  • You can search our active registries here. You can search by the registrants first or last name. 
  • You can visit our public registry listings. We link to some of our registries publicly with the the registrant's permission. 
    • Bridal Registries
    • Dorm Registries
    • Graduation Registries

2. Shop from the registry list

When you find the registry you are looking for, you will land on the registry page. It will likely include an image and welcome message at the top and then all of the products will be listed below. 

  • Wants / Has / Needs : The registry item list will include information on the status of each item. You'll be able to see how many the registrant wants of a given items (Wants), how many items have already been purchased (Has) and how many are still in need (Need). This ensures that you don't buy an "extra" of anything!
  • How to Add to Cart: In the cart column, change the number to the amount of each item you want to purchase. 
    • Click "Update Cart" to save your cart
    • Click "Checkout" when you are ready to place your online purchase
  • Checkout. Once you click "checkout" you will be redirected to your checkout page with your registry order. The shipping address will already be automatically filled out for you. This is the shipping address that is specific to the registry!

3. You can also shop the registry in-person at our boutique!

If you are local to the Valdosta area, we welcome you to shop the registry in-person! Simply tell us that you are shopping for a specific registry and we'll pull up all the registry information for you.