Refresh 02: Editing the Space

Refresh 02: Editing the Space

Now that you have begun your Refresh journey and have an end goal in mind - it is time to edit your space.

As mentioned in Step One // Begin With the End in Mind my friend MK from @inthecuriouskitchen is following along with our series and has invited us into her space. She took pictures of her master bedroom and now has a floor plan of her space.

MK's Master Room Floor Plan

So, you have a floor plan created and hopefully a better understanding of your space. The next step is to edit. This is my favorite step! Cleaning out all unnecessary clutter and organizing your things in a way that rejuvenates your room is so refreshing and undervalued until it’s done. Beginning with a clean, refreshed space is essential to a room makeover.

I understand that the idea of doing a deep clean of your space can be daunting, but that is why we are here to help guide you through the process. You cannot envision a new and improved space, without properly editing first. Editing can be time intensive and a bit of work, but I promise you will be so thankful you did not skip this step later on.

When I begin an edit, I first start by taking everything moveable out of the room: books, accessories, lamps, framed photos/art, etc. After you do so, be sure to give your room some much needed love by giving it a good clean! Seeing your space with a fresh eye helps you begin to make decisions about what truly is important to bring back into the space. Live in your space for a couple of days and enjoy it.

Now, look at the things you removed from your space. You will create 3 categories/piles for sorting and editing.

1. Keep Pile- This will be your largest pile and may need a second look. Answer the following questions about each item:

  • Function: Does it serve a purpose? Would you like to keep it or replace it?
  • Form/Fashion: Is it a style you want to carry forward?
  • Familiar: Does it have sentimental value? Does it bring you so much joy on a daily basis that you cannot remove it from the room? Could it bring you joy in another space?

2. Toss Pile -This will be your smallest pile on round one; but really evaluate and make this become your largest pile. Ask the same set of questions you started with and re-evaluate each item. This is a tough pile to build.

  • Please consider a couple of things when you find it difficult to part with something that you might have paid a lot of money for or perhaps it was given to you as a gift.
  • When I design spaces on a really tight budget or often for first-time homeowners, I often shop at the local thrift stores. I am always looking for great pieces that can be re-purposed or rejuvenated. Don't envision your items in a trash dump. Think of them bringing joy to the next owner. I promise it makes it easier to part with that way. In most places, there are thrift stores or agencies that offer free pick-up of your goods.

3. Maybe Pile- Be honest. I find there are generally too many items in this pile on the first round of editing. My suggestion for these items, once you have re-evaluated, is to keep them in a box and they will be the last things we add back to the space when redecorating. If you just cannot part with them (either to donate or to relocate to another space) then we will incorporate into the space.

We want to create a master bedroom that is a sanctuary for rest. This is your space to rejuvenate and find peace and calm at the end of your day. This can only be accomplished when both the mind (eye) and the body can rest.

It is important to note that if you are intending on refreshing your bedroom, cleaning out your closet is as equally as important as cleaning out your room. The closet is an entity of a bedroom and oftentimes can become part of our bedroom. Our friend, Tracy, from @properly_placed_ has graciously provided us all with some tips on how to edit/organize your closet...

Do not just use your closet as a storage place for items. Think of your closet as a part of your room that deserves attention and organization as well. There are lots of closet organizing experts that make cleaning and organizing your closet fun and functional! Check out these IGs!

Shira Gill (@shiragill) 

Organizational Design (@laura.cattano) 

NEAT Method ® (@neatmethod) 

Holly Blakey (

Now that you have *physically* organized your space, it is time to start *mentally* organizing your space. You should now have an idea of what you will need for your new sanctuary. Start a list of furniture, lighting, art and accessories that need to be replaced. If you are looking to replace something because what you had was either too big or too small, make sure you know what size is appropriate when replacing it. If you are looking to replace something because you no longer like the style, start imaging what style you do like! One more thing to consider at this point is your budget. Be realistic about what you would like to spend and I will give you tips in the next part of the series about prioritizing your purchases to get the most out of each purchase.

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